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Liquid Rhinoplasty

A medical rhinoplasty is a corrective treatment to straighten the nose performed with medical intervention (injections to the nose) instead of surgery. This is basically a nose job, but without the surgery. We often see patients who describe that the appearance, humps and bumps on their nose, or drooping tip affects their confidence, self esteem and well being. For those patients, correcting a pre existing deformity significantly improves their self esteem and a non surgical nose job would be the perfect solution for them. This procedure involves using a dermal filler made of hyaluronic acid which is naturally occurring and non animal based. Your natural enzymes will slowly break it down over time when you will see a gradual return of your original nose shape and you can simply repeat the procedure if you like. You can look at this like a nose job that is not permanent, but your nose will return to what it is like now. A consultation and assessment always takes place before treatment to understand your requirements and to ensure we give you the bespoke result you desire and that suits your face. The procedure can be performed on the same day and you will be ready to leave the same day this would not be possible if you have a surgical nose job, get your nose job done in Liverpool or London.

Image of non surgical nose job


The medical rhinoplasty (nose job) is an alternative to a surgical rhinoplasty where we use long lasting dermal fillers injected in strategic points in the nose to straighten the nose, correct deformities, irregularities or bumps on the nose, and lift the tip of the nose and define it. It is particularly great for bumps on the bridge of the nose or a downward drooping tip, and a great alternative to costly surgery and has no to minimal downtime. It takes minutes to do, with instant results meaning you can walk straight out of the clinic and back to your normal daily activities. You can get your non surgical rhinoplasty nose job done in Liverpool or London.

The dermal filler is natural and non animal based, and feels natural in your tissues. The results last on average 12-18 months whereby the filler is naturally broken down slowly over time and your nose returns to its original shape.

If you compare this to a normal nose job, where you go through a surgical procedure and would often need to stay the night at the hospital / clinic and then with bandages around your nose and face for several days or weeks, by getting a non surgical nose job with Dr. Yusra you will be up and running again straight away, the only thing people will notice is how beautiful your nose is now.

before - after non surgical nose job


The dermal filler is injected into the nose with a very fine needle to ensure maximal comfort and no to minimal pain. The areas we inject depends on your original nose shape but can be 3-points, 4 points, 5 points or 6 points depending on your particular requests. The way in which we expertly inject them allows us to make a nose straighter and thus look smaller! It takes about 5-15 minutes to do and the results are instant.

So no need to take days off for the surgical nose job and then have many days or weeks with bandages on your face while you wait for your nose to heal after your nose job. This non surgical nose job is available in both Liverpool and London, it is instans and will give you a great and beautiful nose immediately.

beautiful nose job


These may include minor redness, bruising or swelling on the nose though this is much less than any surgical procedure and transient. This is the best way to get a nose job done.

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